About Adsystems

We are Adsystems leader for Firefighting Systems in Egypt

Advanced Systems is one of the leaders for Firefighting Systems in Egypt.

We have taken our experience and strong technical support to build a long relationship with our clients.

Our capability & resources allows us to provide our clients with best solution to protect lives & their properties.

During 2013, Advanced Systems became FirePro master dealer, which is specialized in manufacturing Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems with UL approval. And this system is easier in erection & maintenance, do not need pipes or big spaces for installation, and it is used in protecting Sever & Electrical rooms, as well as transformers & generators.

Our company is distinguished in providing its clients by high engineering solutions which suits their requirements and that through our well trained and long experience team. And we are also keen to be in contact with our clients through our Maintenance Department to make sure that the erected systems are working efficiently & being maintained to not lose its effectiveness.

Advanced Systems is always looking for new technologies in the field of firefighting systems which has worldwide approvals; like UL/FM, as well as environmentally friendly. As for example; FirePro Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Brand, which is a new product that fight fire through chemical reaction.

Advanced Systems & Watania for Advanced Systems has succeeded to protect some of the prestigious projects, using our brands:
1)   EgyptianLNG Control Room (EDKO, main server control room)
2)   EgyptianLNG Office at British Gas Building, 5th Settlement Area
3)   New Al Sabil For Poultry Production Factory
4)   Ragab For Educational Services
5)   Hilton King Ranch Hotel
6)   Pharco Pharmaceutical
7)   Safe Pharma Pharmaceutical
8)   Pharco B Pharmaceutical
9)   Cargill factory (National Vegetable Oils Co.)
10)   Sakr Group factories
11)   Badr University
12)   Tehcno Pharma Pharmaceutical
13)   ABCO United for Plastic & Chemicals

14)   Amreya Company for Customs Warehouses

15)   Berigat Rafale facilities with Archirodon Company
16)   MELIZ AIRCRAFTSHELTERS with Archirodon Company
17)   Army Terminal West with Orascom Company
18)   Katamya Airport Project with Hassan Allam Construction
19)   Helwan Cement Company Project with Beijing Triumph International Engineering Company (China)
20)   Geocycle Egypt (Lafarge Group)
21)   Egyptian Refining Company with GS Engineering & Construction
22)   Police Academy (Ministry of interior) with Orascom Company
23)   Cairo Convention Hall with Arab Contractors Company
24)   Japan University
25)   German University  
26)   Edita Bani Suief
27)   Egyptian Liquidation Natural Gas (ELNG) at Cairo & Edco
28)   Dar Alfouad Hospital with Orascom Company


Being the leading company in Egypt & Middle East by providing the best solutions to protect lives & properties from danger of fire.


Providing high quality firefighting systems to protect lives & properties from the danger of fire to be known for reliability, best engineering solutions providers, innovative products & services to get our customer satisfaction.


The company with its qualified team is ready to provide products, facilities and services that are up to the international and Egypt standards of technology.

Our purpose is to make customer understand how their business intends flourishing over the coming years, and what obstacles may arise and opportunities be followed.

Its our assurance that we can identify the specific areas which will give them the benefits of reducing: costs, overheads, wasted times, returns, defects, delay of delivery, staff delay, and increasing sales, productivity, customer service satisfaction, control, Security, profits, marketing return, earnings per share and product quality.We believe that our first responsibility is to supply reliable and excellent product to our customer, and help them to make the best decision on what will be reliable and beneficiary for them.